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Physio Focus February eDM

Regardless of age, exercise is a very important aspect of everyday life. It is important for kids to exercise daily and for parents to ensure that kids are reaching the appropriate amount of physical activity levels. Different physical activity guidelines have been set out for children, based on their age. The amount of physical activity

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Bad Posture

It’s February, pretty much everyone in the world is back at work. Apart from the fact that you’re no longer on holidays, there are other reasons why being at work is bad for you.  A great number of people suffer from the negative effects of bad posture and yet do not change the factors of

The Pulled Hamstring: A High Intensity Injury

A lot of people know of the hamstring and where it is. However most people are unsure as to whether or not they’ve actually pulled their hamstring. Usually we see this classic injury while watching sport on TV, where we see the athlete suddenly come to a dramatic halt mid stride. This usually results in