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9 Tendinopathy Truths you MUST know

There is a lot we do not know about tendinopathy, but there are some undeniable truths that both physicians and patients should know. 1) Tendinopathy does not improve with rest – the pain may settle but returning to activity is often painful again because rest does nothing to increase the tolerance of the tendon to

5 tips to avoid skiing injuries

Check your bindings Slow falls can be very damaging if we don’t have enough momentum to release the bindings during a fall. Make sure you get your bindings check professionally before you ski. Bindings can seize up due to infrequent use or may have altered with shared use of the skis. Beware of fatigue Many

ACL recovery

Why is slow and careful rehab so important? When tendon tissue is first harvested for a graft, as soon as the tissue is harvested it loses its blood supply. The cells within the tissue, responsible for constantly repairing the fibres of the tissue, thus die and the graft becomes little more than a biological scaffold,